San Francisco heartbeat and an alien typewriter.

Flying into San Francisco bay and seeing the Golden Gate bridge majestically spanned between two land masses, really brought home the fact that this trip is not just an idea sitting inside my head. But rather, I’m in this and this is happening now! When the bridge was revealed in the frame of the airplane window, my heart definitely kicked in an extra beat or two. That could have been directly linked to a lack of blood supply caused by my donation to the Red Cross two days earlier. Or, it could also have been linked to the high altitude. Whatever the cause it was nice to finally have something that felt ‘real’.

Upon landing I collected my bags and headed for immigration. Forgetting to fill out the immigration form given to me on the plane, I stopped off right before passing through the ‘border’ checkpoint and filled it in. After I had crossed the t’s and dotted the i’s I passed through without delay. Getting herded through another x-ray security check, before exiting into the arrivals hall. I looked around for a pay phone or internet to let my family know I had arrived safe. Ironically, seeing an illuminated “Internet” sign down a little ways in the arrivals hall, I had a sudden pause. I had left my typewriter on the bench before passing through immigration and the security check point! For a moment, I thought it was all over before ever even starting. I managed to make my way back through the one way doors and approached a police officer and explained what I had just done. Surprisingly the officer wasn’t that concerned and said he’d escort me to see if I could locate it. “You know, we don’t use those here anymore. We’ve got computers” he chuckled in his thick American accent. Thankfully enough we managed to recover it and he escorted me back out to the arrivals hall, bypassing the security checkpoint. That made me realize I was now on the West Coast of American and the people were genuinely nice. As, if the same sort of thing had of happened in say New York, without fail, I would have been questioned as to; 1. Why I had left my typewriter on a bench before passing through immigration and 2. Why I had a typewriter in the first place.