Nutritional Deficiency and a swooping State Bird.

Well, I made it down to Houston, if not a little worse for wear.
What wasn’t mentioned in my last update was that I had a pretty big
dizzy spell as I waited for a connecting flight in Salt Lake City, Utah.
Later on I touched down in Texas and was greeted and picked up by a most
generous Couch Surfing host (which was a really nice gesture). After
heading out to meet with some of their friends for a couple of drinks, I
suddenly felt a bit off after only half a beer. It wasn’t
that I was getting boozy, but just felt a bit strange. This went on
but I made it to bed on the couch in my hosts apartment. I woke the next morning with
the same strange state-of-mind. Being in another random City, State and Country probably added
to all this.

After my host left for the day I headed out to find internet connection and
get some food. My CS host had drawn a little map with a nearby cafe I
could mooch some wifi off. I tried to follow the map but could not find
the cafe for the life of me.

Walking along the foot path in Houston doesn’t seem to be the ‘in’
thing to do as everyone rushes about in their large cars and trucks. I
was seemingly the only pedestrian around town. This would later be
justified, as I tramped along in my delusional state of mind. Walking
along the lovely tree lined streets, I was suddenly hit by something
in the rear of my head. As I reacted and turned around, a big swooping
Texas bird flew away. I believe it was the Texas State
bird, which just so happens to be, you guessed it, a Mockingbird.

After my incident with near death, I managed to keep walking and made
it to the Museum District of Houston, but, somehow didn’t actually go
into any of the museums or galleries.

It has now come to my attention, that I may be suffering the
side affects of being deficient in some very key vitamins and
minerals, such as: Calcium, Chromium, Copper, Iron, Magnesium,
Manganese, Niacin, B(numeric), Potassium, Riboflavin, and Thiamin just to
name a few. This, from my self diagnosis, is the most likely cause to
my current state of being, which could be a direct result of living on a boat and eating poorly, with limited fresh fruits and veggies. Coupled together with some big-ish nights on the
booze, and sustained exposure to fluid sapping air conditioners and lastly and most likely, delayed onset jet-lag.

Hopefully this will blow over in the next day or two and I can get
back to feeling normal and have this show on he road within a week.