I think I’ve died and gone to Texas.

“You might give some serious thought to thanking your lucky stars you’re in Texas” is painted across the siding of a ‘Texas Bar-B-Q’ joint. After aimlessly wandering around Houston, eventually I found my bearings and returned to my Couch Surfing (CS) hosts apartment after walking, once again to the museum district and around Rice university.

Slowly but surely my grasp on time and place regain their respective normality. It would appear that jet-lag is not a force to be messed with.

I’m now being hosted by yet another fantastic CS host and have moved a little closer to League City and the “Hell” bike. It would appear that the bike is need of a little TLC before I start the trip to Alaska and beyond. Currently I’m juggling getting all the paper work up to scratch for the DMV and also attempting to find a place where I can work on the bike for a couple of days. All this and not out staying my welcome with any one host. I had planned to be on the road by now, but my absent mindedness kind of threw things off a little and the fact that this weekend is Memorial Day long weekend (when every American lights a grill and places anything and everything that used to have four legs over the hot coals) will make it so I’ll have to wait till Tuesday to really get things happening.

If you’re in the Houston area and have a potential place for me to do some work on the bike, or some general advice on a 1982 Honda GoldWing GL1100, give me a shout as I’d be more than appreciative of any help or advice.

Hopefully I can find a small patch of pavement somewhere to give the bike an oil change and get her ready to roll.

Sitting on my brothers boat with the new leather jacket.

Sitting on my brothers boat with the new leather jacket.