Rocking side to side,

Anticipating the ride.

Suit of armor purchased,

Buffed on all sides.

Pedal. Pedal. Pedal.

Pushing into wind.

Face turns RED,

Scorched by the Sun.

Enter from one end,

Across span. Glide.

Look over, see one.

Single seal swishes about waves below.

Eagle circles off one side,


Fog forms.

Swirling. Rumbling. Tumbling.

Sea it blows.

Towers. Structures. Distant.

Becoming a mass of white and grey.

San Francisco,

City by the bay.

– Jaffe

Currently I’m still sitting around on my brothers boat, helping him
out where I can before he sets sail back to Australia (and before I
fly off to Texas to begin my trip next week). I have managed to find
some time to head down to San Francisco and check out some of the sights.
It’s a really nice city which doesn’t take to long to figure out where
everything is.

As this trip was in some ways inspired by Jack Kerouac’s “On the
Road”, which I read ‘on the subway’ back in 2007 when I lived and
worked in New York for a year and half, it was only fitting to make a
pilgrimage to San Francisco’s City Lights bookstore. After reading a
number of Kerouac’s books, it’s fantastic to actually get to wander
around and really feel connected to a place, that 60 or 70 years ago
was a different city, but in some ways still remains the same. The
port activity appears to be going strong and the rail network in and
out of Frisco and surrounding Oakland and Berkeley is very much alive
and well (Amtrak and freight trains love to blow their whistles at
every single level crossing, which you can very clearly hear,
practically anywhere in Berkeley).

More to come as it comes to me.