No time for cricket.

Preparing for my flight late next week. Managed to organize all my car/motorbike license stuff and now have a full Driver/Rider license and an international permit endorsed for both. Other than that, preparations for the trip seem to be going smoothly. The typewriter I purchased for the trip arrived on Thursday and I’ve been practicing getting adjusted to using “a printing device of the new technology age” (as label reads on the typewriter). Turns out this model is even cooler than previously thought. This typewriter (circa 1982) is the cross over from typewriter to word processor. It uses a dot matrix printing mechanism and incorporates a 16 character LCD display, printing onto 40-50 gsm fax paper employing a thermal printing transfer technique from a small cassette ribbon. I should have the “fax-to-email” service up and running in a week or two. Then I will be updating pages using the typewriter and fax service.